LED Light Panel Displays

Introduction to LED Light Panels for Window Displays

You'll quite often see this type of display in estate agent windows or photographers window displays. They are the newest thing to hit the window display marketplace.

Suspended cables displays are already very popular in all kinds of business, from estate agents to restaurants. Now, the cable display system has taken a new direction to back lit poster displays. Some even have extra bevel edge that lights up like a glowing border around the clear acrylic frame.

There are various designs of suspended cable light panel displays out on the market today. Most are designed to be 'easy access', allowing you to change the poster without needing to unscrew any bolts. If you do not need the easy access feature, there are light panel displays on the market with screw-on bolts. Let's concentrate on the easy access style, since those are the most common. There are two main design styles available for 'easy 'access'.

1. Slide from top
2. Magnetic

LED Light Pockets

Bevel Edge Light Panel
Shines and lights up the best when used with A4 Back Lit Paper, A3 Back Lit Paper.

For the best looking results, you should always go for bevel edge light panel pockets (as shown in the example photos). This is the extra clear frame with lit edges. Some designs on the market do not have this extra edge lighting. It's worth paying alittle more for this stunning feature.
Technical Details for LED Light Panel Window Displays
Light Panel Display in Estate Agent Window

Light Panels are becoming the most popular display choice for estate agents. They are extremely bright, energy efficient and are easy to use. Their low power consumption means that they can be left switched on for 24 hours a day ensuring your business looks open all day everyday.

Bevelled edge light panels on suspended cables. Double Sided Pockets.

They use low voltage LED's which have a minimum life expectancy of 60,000-100,000 hours, due to their long life they are maintenance free. For best results, our backlit paper/film.

The light pockets usually have a silver frame around the poster, which covers about 10mm all around the poster reducing the visible size. For exmaple, A4 size is 210mm x 297mm. Visible size will become 190mm x 277mm.

There is even distribution of light. The light panels use energy efficient LED's that are extremely bright and won't cost the earth to leave them switched on.

Powered by 12v low voltage.



You can buy ready-made cable display systems from: